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Founded in 1984 by Chris Trentini, Trentini Paving quickly made a name for itself in the New York borough of the Bronx. Recognizing the needs of his clientele, Mr. Trentini went on to include concrete supplier to his list of services offered. Using a never before seen technique in concrete delivery, Mr Trentini's delivery trucks quickly became well known among the emergency repair utility companies in New York. Now over a quarter of a century later, Concrete Express is one of the largest volumetric ready mix dealers in the New York tri-state area.


Mr. Trentini is still very active within the company making daily visits to construction sites to monitor the performance of the company's product as well as constantly exploring new materials and admixtures to enhance our concrete.


Along with the various standard concrete mixes, we also offer specialty mixes such as: Rapid Set, Trench Mix, Lightweight Mix, Fiber Mix, etc.


Many of our customers prefer to use our service for specialty projects where a conventional concrete truck would have difficulty making a proper delivery.


We are commonly asked to provide deliveries for:

Street Cuts, Sidewalks, Flow for In-ground Piping, Cobblestone Curbing, Sea Walls, Sonotube Forms, Fence Projects, Equipment Pads, Patios, Walkways, Garages, and various architectural projects.


We also offer concrete pumping and bulk material (trailer) deliveries.


For more information on what we offer, please contact us at :



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