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Experience the Mobile Mix Advantage!

As explained in the diagram to your left, this is basically how our trucks work.  Only seconds before your concrete is poured from the end of shoot, the dry ingredients are precisely mixed with water to produce the freshest product possible.


Once you have enough concrete for your project, the machine is turned off. The material provided is metered as it comes off the truck so you are only charged for what you use, not what you estimated!




Let's say your estimate called for 5 cubic yards of concrete.  You have 3 realistic choices of how to tackle this project:


A. Purchase bags upon bags of cement powder, a big pile of sand and gravel, make sure a water source is available at the job site and prepare for some intense manual labor to mix these ingredients in a pile.


B. Call a conventional barrel truck company that provides exactly 5 yards of "pre-mixed" concrete.  Keep in mind this material is aging more and more as the truck sits in traffic traveling to your job site.


C. Call Concrete Express and estimate 4-6 cubic yards.  We bring at least 6 cubic yards worth of dry ingredients (just in case you need more).


Now, let's say your project is wrapping up, and it turns out you underestimated and only needed 3.5 cubic yards of material.  If you went with choice A, you bought way too much material and took a lot of time to mix it. If you went with choice B, you are not getting the freshest concrete available and more importantly, paying for the 5 cubic yards you ordered. Not to mention the 1.5 cubic yards extra is probably going to be dumped into a landfill. 


If you went with Choice C, you paid for 3.5 cubic yards, received the freshest and most consistant mix possible, and did not waste any material.





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